Supplier Agreement

  • Any contract that arises out of orders for supply of food or non-food item through Foodzu is a contract between Customers and Suppliers. Foodzu is not responsible for the quality or the outcome of the product sold by seller, as seller you are completely responsible for the product you sell.
  • Suppliers must make comprehensive profiles on Foodzu, providing detailed menus, quantities, pricing and all other specifics like preferred mode of delivery, desired notice period for orders and / or any other special services provided.
  • Once a Customer places an order on Foodzu, the Supplier must confirm the order, whereby he commits to the details of said placed order.
  • The Suppliers are solely responsible for preparation of food and timely readying it for delivery (as per terms specified on their profile) as well as for maintaining quality and hygiene. Foodzu will not be responsible or liable for the quantity or quality of meals delivered.
  • Foodzu will not be responsible for any health damages or sickness caused due to the food delivered by the Suppliers . Foodzu is not responsible for any liability, if any, that may arises from them misuse of their shared information, if any, or from the consumption of any food and beverages delivered by a Chef.
  • Foodzu will collect payment on behalf of suppliers for their sales. Suppliers will be paid every 2 weeks after deducting the commission for the services offered by Foodzu. Foodzu will collect 40% commission from Suppliers which includes delivery charges.
  • Foodzu will monitor Suppliers closely, using customer feedback provided in the Feedback Section and through emails and will remove and block chefs if they are unable to comply with our standards and / or tarnish our reputation.
  • The seller must ship the item(s) as specified by the ships-by date set using the tools provided by Foodzu, or within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Sellers are paid only when the buyer accepts the product sold and doesn't raise a dispute. In case there is charge back of funds, the seller will not be paid or if the seller is already paid then that amount will be adjusted in seller's next payment from Foodzu.
  • Foodzu will screen sellers or the content or information provided by Sellers to ensure that the customers get the best and desirable products. Sellers must co-operate with Foodzu in this.
  • A seller who fails to ship an item, respond to a non-delivery case or settle a disputed transaction in a reasonable manner may be suspended. Sellers who do not comply with Foodzu's policies may be subject to review, which can result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination. Suspended or terminated members remain obligated to pay Foodzu's for all unpaid fees per our Terms of Use.
  • An item is "not as described" if it is substantially different than explicitly agreed upon or if it is not fit for its intended use. Examples include but are not limited to: incorrect size, weight, incorrect material, or missing parts. The sellers must accurately photograph and describe the item(s) for sale.

Foodzu must approve all Sellers that wish to sell items through the Site. Sellers must be the primary producer or maker of the items listed in the Site although Foodzu may make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.

All Sellers must abide by the laws, statutes and regulations relating to their own business and selling their items. Please ensure you have the proper licenses and consents to produce and sell your items on the Internet. Foodzu is not responsible for ensuring that Sellers are or remain legally qualified to sell their items.

Sellers must provide all information requested by Foodzu, including their name, business name (if different), email address, physical addresses for both trading and courier collections, phone number, and current account bank details to register for a Seller account. Sellers must also advise Foodzu of any changes to the information provided.

Foodzu reserves the right to terminate a Seller's account at any time for any reason. Reasons may include excessive refunding, failure to update stock information, failure to accept order requests in a timely manner and high rates of returns claims and complaints.

The Seller authorises Foodzu to verify Seller's information (including any updated information) and to obtain credit reports about the Seller.

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Why Foodzu is the best place to shop?
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what is foodzu
Why Foodzu is the best place to shop?
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Foodzu is an online store where you will find premium grocery from all over the world. We have the best stock of grocery, herbal products, Ayurvedic products, Imported Chocolates, Biscuits, Snacks, Churans golis, Acupressure items, Dry fruit and other food items from top brands. At Foodzu you will find everything, you are looking for in a single roof at a single click.
We choose and sell "The Best" products on so you can be 100% assured of Quality. Unlike others who sells anything at any price, at we ONLY sell very high quality products at the best possible Price.
Foodzu provides you an online facility to buy a favourite product from the comfort of your home or office. Discover the new products or shop for favourite products and get delivered right at your doorstep. Enjoy the easy, relaxed way of grocery shopping from top brands at less than MRP at Foodzu.
Foodzu has implemented many technologies to track order from the time it is placed to delivery. We value our Customer precious time and money. Our friendly executives are always ready to answer all your queries related to the order.
Foodzu packs all the product with detail and care. We also try to ship product as quickly as possible. In Bangalore most of our orders are delivered the same day by Foodzu team. For deliveries outside Bangalore, rest of India or outside India, shipping is done by with best courier delivery partners of Foodzu.
Foodzu offers, top quality of products in a single roof. We has a huge collection of grocery items from top brands at highly affordable prices. We do all quality checks and always promise to sell best quality of product to our customers. With our premium quality product we never fail to bring smiles on customers faces.
Quality first- it is a philosophy adopted Foodzu and also guarantee to deliver the best quality product at a reasonable price. Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances. However, you always have a right to get a 100 % refund of your money for such items.