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WeikField Freeze Icecream Mix Powder Kesar Pista: Directions: Set the refrigerator to the coldest temperture 1/2 hour before preparing the ice Cream, Empty the contents of the packet in 1/2 litre of milk and heat to a boil for 2 minutes with constant stirring till it becomes a homogenoeous mixture, The Ice Cream mixture is then cooled and poured in trays (Preferbly aluminium trays) Avoid a Layer of More than 25 mm, Put the trays in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator, The Ice Cream will almost set in two hours, Removes the tray and beat with spoon or in a mixie till smooth, At this stage the Ice Cream can be served or if desired, after beating put the Ice Cream back in the tray and cover it with a polythene sheet (milk bag can be used) and freeze until the Ice Cream becomes firm and of the required consistency.

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