All you need to know about the Ambehaldi Powder

Facts about Ambehaldi

Ambehaldi which is also called  Curcuma aromatica is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. It contains curcumin, vitamin A, proteins, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Ambehaldi can be used for cosmetic and also ayurvedic  purpose. Ambehaldi  gives benefits to the skin, metabolism and digestion. It smells like a mango and is relative to ginger root. morphological resemblance with ginger but imparts raw mango flavour, hence it is also known as mango ginger. It is a less colorful root. Its rejuvenating properties are proven by traditional texts.

Key Ingredients

Ambehaldi, milk and rose water. The mixture of these can be used in variety of remedial measures.

Why choose Ambehaldi?
  • Helps in healthy digestion.
  • Supports  metabolism of health.
  • Removes toxins from the body naturally.
  • Contains anti inflammatory properties.
  • Eases menstrual cramps.
  • Improves skin complexion.
  • Cures allergic disorders.
How can Ambehaldi be useful  for the body?

It is one of the famous Ayurvedic herbs used for the skin primarily in India and Pakistan. It helps to get rid of throat infections, nasal and tracheobronchial congestion and also to get rid off dandruff and head lice.

5 Major health benefits of Ambehaldi
Fights against the signs of aging

Ambehaldi is rich in antioxidants, turmeric fights oxidative damage that causes aging signs and other health issues. It protects the body against free radicals by neutralizing it. Curcumin present in Ambehaldi also improves the activity of antioxidant enzyme of the body.

Improves the  brain function

Curcumin present in Ambehaldi improves the brain function by boosting Brain-Derives Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which is a growth hormone present in the brain. It drives the process of formation of new neuron connections. Neurons develop new connections in a specific area of the brain. Ambehaldi also helps lower the risk of brain diseases. The increased levels of BDNF delays or reverses several age-related brain damages and brain diseases.

Relief from arthritic pain

Ambehaldi gives better relief from the pain caused due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming turmeric daily can give relief from inflammation and joint pain. It also fights against free radicals.

Digestion Improvement

Ambehaldi can be used to improve digestion. We can consume it with a glass of milk. It will stimulate the production of bile improving our digestion. It also helps in bloating and reducing gas.

Lowers the risk of heart disease

Ambehaldi contains curcumin, which is very beneficial for our heart. It will improve our heart health by improving the function of the blood vessel lining which is called the  endothelium. According to various studies,it says that the curcumin improves the endothelium function. Studies also  showed that it is as effective as the drug called  Atorvastatin and also works as well as the exercises. Curcumin also reduces oxidation and inflammation, which in turn helps to improve the heart health.

Most popular home remedies that you must try
  • Take one tsp Ambehaldi and mix it with one cup of milk and boil. Let it cool and drink the mixture.
  • Take two tsp of Ambehaldi juice, mix it with milk or rose water and apply it on   face. Leave it for  about 20 about  minutes. Then rinse off. It helps to control acne.
  • Boil the Ambehaldi powder with ginger oil and massage all over the body  to overcome the bodyache.
Proven uses of Ambehaldi

It is used to relieve body pain. The digestion  will be improved with the intake of Ambehaldi. It strengthens the Immune system. Ambehaldi can be used in treating itching of Skin. It can also be used better for treating Cough and Cold.Its use in treatment of Asthma and Gastric Ulcer is very popular. Usage of Ambehaldi in Cosmetics and Skin products are impressive. The major use of Ambehaldi is in curing the diabetes mellitus.

Common names of Ambehaldi

Wild turmeric, Aromatic turmeric, Jangli haldi, lam yaingang, Ran Halad, Kasturimanjal, Kasthuri pasupa, Mango ginger.


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