Eucalyptus Oil Health Benefits And Possible Side Effects


The eucalyptus oil is an essential oil which can be used for various purposes ranging from pharmaceutical to industrial. It has a history of wide application purposes which is easily available in the market. It is commonly used as an over-the-counter remedy for treating common colds and sinusitis. The Eucalyptus oil is a plant derivative which is generally thought to be safe, though plant-derived oils are known to have epileptogenic properties. Eucalyptus oil which is also known as Nilgiri tel in Hindi is one ingredient that can have important and widely applicable effects or implications on our overall well-being. It is an amazing oil which is obtained from the leaves which are dried of the eucalyptus tree. These sweet-scented leaves are steam-distilled to make the oil. It is a colorless liquid oil with a strong woody and sweet scent. Around 5% of the oil comes from Australia and the remaining 95% is contributed by China today.

Skin benefits

  1. Antiseptic And Remedial Agent

The Eucalyptus oil can be widely used for first-aid purposes because of its immense remedial and healing properties. It can be used for the treatment of cuts, minor wounds, blisters etc. It is used for skin eruptions and oily complexions. Herpes, acne, and chicken pox can be cured with the usage of the Eucalyptus oil. Mix eucalyptus essential oil with an equivalent amount of apple cider vinegar and apply on the areas affected by an effective homemade remedy.

  1. Aromatherapy

The inhalation of the sweet-smelling eucalyptus oil helps relax the body. Many aromatherapists use eucalyptus oil for their remedies. A few drops of the essential oil can be added to a hot bath. The steam and the aroma will help you calm down. Eucalyptus oil is not water soluble so you will need to mix it with a dispersant line whole milk or bath salts before you add it to the water.

  1. Relaxes Sore Muscles

Eucalyptus oil can be used for relaxing or therapeutic massages by just adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to coconut or almond oil. It must be applied to the skin with a gentle rubbing motion.

Hair Benefits

  1. Hair follicle Stimulation

Eucalyptus oil has many chemicals that promote blood vessel constriction and cleansing. This process promotes follicle stimulation. The stimulation promotes hair development. Hair follicles are tiny openings from where our hairs grow. It helps in getting an even blood flow to the skin around the follicles. Eucalyptus essential oil is said to be a proven follicle stimulant.

  1. Improved Hair Health

Eucalyptus oil will improve shine, thickness, and also the overall health of your hair. Many experts suggest using eucalyptus oil for the hair an hour or so before bathing and then using a good shampoo to remove the residue which can be followed by a good conditioner.

  1. Head Lice

Eucalyptus oil is a natural pesticide which has many bug repellent qualities. It is good for the treatment of lice.

Health Benefits

  1. Dental Problems

Eucalyptus is naturally minty and its dental uses are not just limited to minty fresh breath. It can treat cavities, gingivitis, and also a dental plaque. The germicidal characteristics of eucalyptus oil will help make it an effective tool to fight dental problems.

  1. Congestion

A few drops of eucalyptus oil must be inhaled in order to instant relief from nasal congestion. It will not only help clear the nasal passage but also make you feel rejuvenated.

  1. Cooling

The eucalyptus oil can even cool the body down. During the hot summer months, heat strokes become commonplace. Just place a few drops of the oil along with some peppermint oil which is optional in a bottle and spray it all over the body. By doing this the body temperature will instantly start to fall.

  1. Cough

Flu virus and cold are the main reasons behind lung congestion and sinus problem. Eucalyptus oil is extremely beneficial in alleviating conditions like coughing, sneezing, blocked nose, etc. Use the drops of peppermint, bergamot and eucalyptus oils together in the steam to dilute the congestion causing mucus. Steam makes it easier for you to breathe, and the essential oils easily enter your body to open up the tightened bronchial passages. They also penetrate deeply to eliminate the problem causing bacteria or viral infection.

  1. Dysentery

Massaging a few drops of the oil over the abdomen in a counter-clockwise direction eases diarrhea, inflammation, and also to fight infection.

The Side Effects – Knowing Which Is As Important As The Benefits

  1. Allergies

An allergic reaction may arise with the use of eucalyptus leaves and eucalyptus oil. Hence taking eucalyptus oil can result in some bad effects depending on how severe your sensitivity is.

  1. Difficulty Breathing

Young children and infants should never inhale or ingest eucalyptus oil. If the oil is applied directly to the skin or face of a young child, eucalyptus may lead to wheezing or asthma-like symptoms.

  1. Toxicity

Depending on the concentration and the amount used the eucalyptus oil can be toxic. The eucalyptus oil must be ingested under the guidance of a doctor for this reason.


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