Amazing Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressing is the latest outstanding technique in optimizing the nutrition level of vegetable and fruit juices. It is gaining is important in the current trend due to its immense health benefits. Cold press juicer squeezes and presses the fruits and vegetables, which minimize the introduction of oxygen and preserves a higher nutritional value and taste. Cold pressed juice will last for a long time and it retains three to five times more nutrients compared to the normal juice.

Cold-pressed juice uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the best amount of nectar from the fresh fruits and vegetable pulp. Additional heat or oxygen is strictly avoided in this process, so no nutrients are lost in the heat of traditional pasteurization. This juice usually undergoes pasteurization method known as high-pressure processing (HPP). In the HPP process, the bottles will be submerged in cold water under high pressure, which kills pathogens and increases the shelf life naturally.

Top Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

Boosts the immune system

Cold-pressed juices are dense in the nutrients and vitamins, which supercharge the immune system. These juices feed the body’s with good bacteria suppress potentially pathogenic bacteria and protects the body from diseases. Cold-pressed juice tastes better and many researchers have proven that including a glass of cold-pressed juice every day boosts immune system naturally without any side effect.

Cold Pressed Juice Weight Loss

Weight loss requires lots of determination and drinking cold pressed Juice is considered to be better ways to lose weight successfully. The fruits and vegetables contain lots of micronutrients and are very low in calories. The best thing about cold pressed juice contains fewer calories, zero fat and ample amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes compared to normal juice. Hence consumption of Cold pressed juice acts as an appetite suppressant and promotes weight loss.

Why are pressed juices so expensive?

The cold-pressed juice companies use the thousand of pond pressure to extract and also to preserve the juice. Hence the cold pressed juice high in quality and it is quite expensive compared to the normal juice.

Calories in cold pressed juice are extremely low compared to the normal juice. The little guide about the health benefits of cold pressed juice are listed above. To experience the amazing benefits of pure cold pressed juice, You can purchase a different cold pressed juice from


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