5 Incredible Health Benefits Of palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa oil is obtained from a sweet-smelling grass that’s found mainly in India and Pakistan. The biology name of the grass is Cymbopogon martini which has a ton of therapeutic properties. The health benefits of Palmarosa oil is attributed due to its properties like digestive, antiviral, febrifuge, antiseptic, hydrating and cytophylactic substance. Steam distillation of palmarosa dried grass will lead to the pure Essential Oil. This oil smells similar to rose oil, hence it got the name, Palmarosa. This oil is widely used as a flavoring agent in the food, beverage.  Some of the important health benefits of palmarosa essential oil are listed below.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Palmarosa Essential Oil

Respiratory And Digestive Disorders

In Ayurvedic medicine, palmarosa is referred as Rohisha. The roots and grass of the palmarosa are consumed to treat respiratory disorders and digestive disorders. Adding palmarosa oil to the diet aids digestion is one of the best property of this oil. The secretion of digestive juices into the abdomen is stimulated by this oil. Therefore, this could relieve inflammation, certain other symptoms of dehydration and treats digestive disorders effectively.

Fights Viral Infections

Dealing with viruses is not an easy task. Viruses develop a protecting coating on them, known as a cyst, that protects them from the acute conditions of their surroundings. This volatile oil is also capable of reducing fever due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore, whether the fever is due to either viral or bacterial infection, this oil will help you calm down and soothe your system.

Palmarosa essential oil for acne

Many of the research states that this oil has been blessed with superb skin conditioning properties. Palmarosa Oil has many therapeutic uses likewise. Employing this oil in the massage creates a relaxing effect on the person and its floral scent creates an aromatic atmosphere.  For curing a wide variety of skin related infections like fungal, acne and eczema, apply  2-3 drops of Palmarosa oil on the affected area using a cotton ball.

Palmarosa essential oil for hair

Palmarosa oil is rich in essential compounds like vitamin e which inspires and promotes healthy, strong hair. Vitamin e is usually found in most hair and skin treatment product and is considered a strong antioxidant. This means once it’s applied to your scalp can nourish the hair from the roots makes the follicles stronger and increases elasticity and forestall the damage to the hair.

Cosmetic Purposes

Palmarosa oil it was utilized in several cosmetic products to enhance fragrance. Its unique rose-like scent enhances the fragrance of any cosmetic product and moisturizing the skin deeply. Moreover, when added to hair care product it improves the texture of the hair and reduces the hair fall.

Some of the important health benefits of Palmarosa essential oil are listed above. To experience the amazing benefits of the premium quality of Palmarosa oil. You can buy Palmarosa oil online at Foodzu.com.


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