5 Incredible Benefits Of Moong Dal For Health, Skin, and Hair

Mung beans which are also known as green gram, golden gram and Chinese mung bean, are a species of legume that is widely consumed in the world. Popularly known as green gram, this dal is packed with nutrients like manganese, proteins vitamin etc. Mung beans grow on sandy soil soils and like tropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates. Though most of the mung beans are green in color, there are also rare varieties of yellow, greenish yellow, brown and black. The popularity of moong bean is increased in the recent decades due to its high content of protein. It’s an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. There are several advantages of mung bean beans, apart from being a famous main-course dish in India to being a part of the many a skincare regimens.

Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Moong Dal

Prevents cancer

Mung beans possess a high quantity of polyphenols and oligosaccharides that assist to eliminate the development of cancer. The recent studies show that it possesses anti-tumor properties that forestall DNA injury and mutation of dangerous cells. The antioxidants found in green gram beans possess the radical scavenging skills. The flavonoids like vitexin and isovitexin scale back the oxidative stress that leads to form cancer.

Controlling Diabetes

Low-glycemic index foods are ideal for people with type II diabetes because they lower the rise in postprandial blood glucose levels. Adding it to the diet prevents dangerous rapid spikes in blood sugar and helps to maintain diabetes significantly. According to the recent research, an individual supplemented with mung bean extract daily for five weeks resulted in significant reductions in blood glucose levels.

Light and Slimming Food

People suffering from fever, abdomen ache and diarrhea find it tough to digest food. Moreover, the buds puncture in illness and it becomes even tougher to eat food. Mung bean is one food item which can be digested easily. Mung dal is additionally very less in calories making it one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. People who are looking to cut off extra weight can include moong dal in the diet to stay healthy while shedding the additional pounds.

Moong dal for skin whitening

Green gram rejuvenates your skin by exfoliating it. It removes the dead skin cells and brightens up the feel of the skin. Moong dal is a vital source of vitamins A and C that provides a healthy glow to the skin. The presence of copper will increase its use in numerous face packs and face creams. Using mung bean as a scrub is additionally a good choice. It’s terribly simple to make a natural exfoliating face pack using mung beans at home.

Moong dal benefits for hair

The vital amount of Copper, in mung beans helps in maintaining scalp health. Consumption of legume beans replenishes the body with needed amounts of copper. This ensures that iron will its work expeditiously. Proper supply of oxygen to the brain improves hair growth and reduces hair fall! you can also use moong dal in all the hair mask to increase the shine of the hair.

It should be noted that diet conjointly plays an important role in improving health condition. Some of the important benefits of moong dal are listed above. To experience the amazing benefits of the premium moong dal. You can buy moong dal online India at Foodzu.com.


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