5 Amazing Benefits of Multani Mitti for Face, Skin, and Hair

Multani mitti is also referred to as fuller’s earth. It’s found in Multan, a region in Pakistan, therefore, it is known as Multani. In the 18th century, a small indefinite amount of lime clay was extracted from the town of Multan, and therefore the inhabitants were stunned by its superb cleansing properties. Its popularity rose so high that it got counseled for cleansing and replenishing old monuments. And now, many years later, Multani mitti has become a most effective natural ingredient in skin care routine. You can’t say that Multani mitti is barely used for the oily skin or for the fairness or instant glow you will be wondered once you come to other  benefits of Multani mitti.

Top 5 Benefits of Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti for Oily skin

Multani mitti is effective in controlling oiliness of the skin likewise. Oily skin simply attracts mud and other impurities from surrounding. These particles block the skin pores, which cause pimples and acne on the face. Multani mitti may be a blessed for oily skin people. It absorbs the excess of oil from the skin surface and makes it soft and sleek. It avoids the occurrence of pimples caused as a result of excess oil secretion.

Benefits of Multani mitti on face

Tired of that ugly acne and pimples on your face? Tried plenty of readily available product, but still no use? Stop worrying. you have a completely natural solution for your drawback. Yes, we are talking regarding ‘Multani Mitti’ or ‘Fuller’s Earth’. All you would like to do is to incorporate this in your regular face pack and say goodbye to pimples. Add Multani mitti in skin care routine and get beautiful glowing skin.

Anti-heat treatment

The main cause of hyperacidity is the aggravation of Pitta Dosha in the body. Pitta is an Ayurvedic humor that symbolizes heat or fire. There are several causes for the aggravation of pitta. In case of severe acidity, or in cases where a person suffers from Pitha issues, Multani mitti can be applied on feet. It absorbs the excess of heat from the body and cools it down. It additionally improves blood circulation, treating acidity drawback.

Benefits of Multani mitti for hair

Multani is a cost-effective method for maintaining damaged hair. Multani mitti is a delicate, yet effective cleanser that removes impurities from your hair. This makes it a perfect hair pack for individuals with oily scalps because it helps clean your hair while not drying out the natural oils. Attributable to its properties Multani removes toxins from the scalp. It improves the growth of the hair and conjointly treats the damaged hair. It repairs the damaged hair higher than any other substance does.

Multani mitti for insect bites:

Sometimes we are bitten by insects without our knowledge. This makes the skin at the positioning of insect bite inflamed, itchy and painful. If we apply Multani mitti paste to the positioning of insect bite, it provides a soothing relief to us by reducing the inflammation or swelling. This is often one the best way to treat insect bite.

Some of the important benefits of Multani mitti are listed above. To experience the amazing benefits of the premium quality Multani mitti. You can Order Healthy food Online Bangalore at Foodzu.com.


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